Where did Acid House come from?

Acid House originated from Chicago where the first supposed “Acid House” record was created.   In this country its origins are often traced to four intrepid young DJs; Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway and Johnny Walker who took a trip (to Ibiza) to visit the acclaimed DJ Alfredo and Club Amnesia and came home with the sounds to promote their own interpretations of this Balearic scene.

Acid House continued to remain prominent throughout the 90’s rave, visually especially with free parties in warehouse or fields populated by thousands of young ravers searching for the “secret location” to avoid police attention.

Soon a logo was born to illustrate the hedonist spirit of the culture: a yellow smiley face.

From the beginning of Acid House it wasn’t going to be long until Acid Parties started popping up around London and ultimately King’s Cross, where it peaked in 1988-89.