Is Vinyl Back?

Is the vinyl really back? On one (commercial) hand we can say a definite “yes”; there is an obvious growth in local record retailers popping up everywhere and with events such as  Records Store Day and Run Out and Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s is stocking records for the first time since the 1980s in 171 stores across the UK.  Or is it just a short-lived trend harnessed by smug hipsters wanting a bit of retro panache in their lives?

Is the return of the record anything to do with the resurgence fashion of the 1990s and rave culture? With House, Techno, Acid evolving since the 80s we’ve seen a revival of Rave Culture that we can also observe in fashion and lifestyle, is this a hang-over of that nostalgia or is it a movement?

Independents like Rye Wax (Peckham record shop) hope it’s the latter and they stage the annual “Run Out” event in celebration of independent music shops and vinyl as a direct alternative to both (check the name) records store day and the Spotify subscription or non-physical model.