Immerse Yourself in the Past

During the first phase of the project exploring London’s Kings Cross (our Manor) as the epicentre of UK rave culture across the 80s, 90s and 00’s we had an incredible opportunity to meet extraordinary names and conduct exclusive interviews. In our opinion, the best moment was discovering that iconic Kings Cross warehouse clubs such as Bagleys, The Cross, and The Key played the host to some of the most exciting sounds and musical innovators of the day.

Back in the day word of mouth was the main way how the clubs got exposed and how people got to know about the upcoming events. Later, when raves became legal people started to exploit their creativity and find different ways on how to engage their target audiences.

KingsXClubland would like to give you an exclusive insight into the 80s, 90s, and 00s rave era by promoting the flyers from the time! Remember, at the time they didn’t have fancy laptops with DIY software to create ingenious looking flyers and posters, people made them by hand.

All flyers presented here are courtesy of Danny Terry from Flying Squad.

“London’s Most Outrageous Club Duo “Bambi & Bo” Present their Wildest Night of House yet. Saturday 4th May ’96”

“DJ’s to get you hopping! The Cross. Kings Cross Goods Yard. York Way. London N1 0BB. “

“Flipper Goes North: – The Quest For The Cross” – Marc Auerbach, Alistair Whitehead, Thursday 31st March” 

“Phreek! U-Star Dance Party – Robert Owens, Rhythm Doctor, Idjut Boys, Saturday 25th February”

” -‘cheeky a. audacious, assuming, brazen, forward, incorrigible, immodest, shameless, unabashed, wanton.” 

“Clockwork Orange Festively Present “Santa Night Fever” Saturday 10th December ’94” 

“Miss Monney-penny’s at The Cross” Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Simon Owen, Simon Sun, Lee Dagger, Saturday 11th July”

“Clockwork Orange Sensuously Presents “All You Need Is Love” (Valentines Party), Saturday 11th February ‘ 95″