Countdown to Launch

The day of the launch and exhibition is drawing nearer and nearer and the planning is well underway. The pressure to deliver increases by the day but so does the excitement. It all seems so real now that the invites are out and RSVPs are being returned. We’ve been running around preparing, Natsx, Constance and Makeda have been working hard managing and making sure things are going ahead and are organised, Savanna has been in charge of the logistics, making sure everything is ordered and ready to use and that invites are sent out to the right people on time, whilst I’m in charge of promoting the event and documenting the run up. Our volunteers from BCE are currently coming up with ideas of how we can run the night and things that we could include that would make the launch night the best that it can be, from smoke machines and lasers to smiley face balloons (representing acid house of course). They’ve been using everything that they’ve learnt on recent sessions, especially the trip the V&A museum. The hard work doesn’t stop there and we’ve only got so long, but we’ll pull it off and it won’t be an easy night to forget for everyone involved.