Bob Mazzer -The Tube Photographer-

Bob Mazzer first started taking photographs at 13, studying Graphic design in his
early twenties he really began to find his own style while working as projectionist at a
porn cinema in Kings Cross in the 70’s.
“Every day, I traveled to Kings Cross and back. Coming home late at night, it was
like a party and I felt the tube was mine and I was there to take pictures.”
His photos were conscientiously taken on the London Underground, on his way back
home after work. At the time his subjects were Punks, Skinheads and Rockers with leather jackets,
tattoos, colored hair and eccentricity. (One photo is entitled; “a skinhead and an
early punk sharing a fag!”) His subjects were as noisy as his photography, the mix of
punks and older commuters witnessing the social and cultural gaps of the two
generations both trying to find a space (or a seat) in 70s/80s in Great Britain.

Nowadays, the data protection rules and social media can be seen as ruining this type
of photographers freedom, sometimes denying them the ability to capture a “still” a
moment of someone’s else’s life. Looking at Bob Mazzer’s pictures we can feel a
whole culture, some history and tenderness for this Kings Cross which was never
considered the safest or most picturesque place to hang out.
The incredible thing for us is that until last year these images existed only on Bob’s Facebook!