Kings X Clubland Documentary

Kings X Clubland Launch Highlight

Kings X Club Land is a heritage project led by young people that takes a look at London’s Kings Cross as the epicentre of UK rave culture across the 80s, 90s and 00’s. Iconic Kings Cross warehouse clubs such as Bagleys, The Cross and The Key played host to some of the most exciting sounds and musical innovators of the day. Many of whom took rave music out of the underground and transported it around the UK and to the future, where it’s still heard in the basslines and drum patterns of dance music today. Across 8 months, 30 local young people will lead their own investigation into the history of Kings Cross’ Clubland – its ravers, its promoters, its neighbours and its redevelopment into the modern day multi-million pound neighbourhood that it’s rapidly becoming. Keep checking our journal below to access exclusive interviews, editorial and imagery taken during this project – which will culminate in a free public exhibition this November and a professionally produced documentary.

It’s actually in my will that when I die I’ll be cremated and the ashes will be scattered around King’s Cross. There’s nowhere else like it in London, and there never will be. I don’t want to be anywhere else.

Billy Reilly, Club Owner - The Cross, Canvas, The Key

We Need You

If you can help provide any accounts or material for this project we would love to hear from you. This might include;

  • Original filmed footage from the time.
  • Volunteering to provide first person accounts for our documentary.
  • Copies of photographs, flyers and posters featuring club nights of the time.
  • Interviews (in person, email or filmed) of your first-person accounts of the era.
  • Submitting a short record of your own experiences of the era by email.
  • Sponsorship or in-kind support for the project, exhibition and documentary.

Please contact us on:
Post: Small Green Shoots, 54 Chalton St, London NW1 1HS
Phone: 020 7018 0683

Who we are

This project was developed and will be delivered by Small Green Shoots, a youth-led arts charity based in Kings Cross. We provide training, employment and arts engagement opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds / communities. You can find more out about us here

Project Team

Constance, Programme Manager:

Makeda, Project Co-ordinator:

I’m looking forward to hearing from different people who have personal experiences with the kings cross area in these times, especially the ravers! Its intriguing to discover how the nightlife culture has changed throughout the years and also how in some cases it remains the same!

Savanna, Project Assistant:

I’m excited to be a part of this project because my dad used to DJ at events like these so it will be interesting hearing about the ravers perspective rather than the DJ’s/artists.

Edgars, Project Assistant:

It is always great to hear other people sharing their youth day experiences. Was it as excellent and crazy as everyone claims it was? During Kings Cross X Clubland project we will revisit 80’s, 90’s and 00’s clubbing scene in Kings Cross.

Yovan, Digital Assistant:

I can't wait to hear from different people of that era, not just about the music but their lifestyle, fashion, culture and passion. I love going out and listening to music so I'm excited to to see how much this has changed throughout the years and their views on current music/artists we listen to now.


Sound of an era – 00’s
90’s Nostalgia
Sound of The Era – 80s
How music has changed since the 80s
Kings X Clubland: The Launch
Who is Normski?
Who is Brandon Block?
Countdown to Launch
Vinyl vs Digital
Bob Mazzer -The Tube Photographer-
KXC Street Interview II
KXC Street Interview…
Heritage KXC Trailer II
Heritage/ KXC TRAILER!!!
Is Vinyl Back?
Where did Acid House come from?
Kings Cross X Clubland Documentary Trailer
Coals Drop Yard
We’re Nearly There!
We’re excited about what we’ve done so far!


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